Our Approach to Workers Comp Insurance
Saving Colorado Businesses Time and Money

Providing workers compensation coverage to business owners in Colorado is one of our focuses at APCO Insurance.  As such, we take a very comprehensive and detail oriented approach to building and managing our clients’ policies.  Our agents not only want to save you money up front, they also want to help you continue to save money over time and to avoid an interruption to your operations due to having to file a claim.

Experience Mod Factor

Your workers compensation insurance premium cost can go up or down depending on your experience modifier, otherwise known as an experience mod or e-mod. This is a rating that insurance carriers use to measure your company’s expected loss based on industry standards versus its actual loss. A high experience mod or debit mod means that your losses were greater than expected, leading to a surcharge on your premium. However, if your losses are lower, then you will receive a credit mod, which equals a discounted premium.

APCO Insurance professionals have a great deal of experience helping clients reduce their experience modifier rating. After performing an assessment of your loss potential, our agents will advise you on ways to prevent workplace injury and maintain a safe work environment. Additionally, we will help you obtain your Cost Containment Certification, giving you up to a 5% discount on your workers comp costs in the state of Colorado.

Our Process

When first developing a proposal for your business, our first task is to uncover the details of your operation in order to provide you with the most accurate and detailed quote possible. By working with some of the top carriers in the industry such as Pinnacol Assurance, The Hartford, and Employers, we can tailor a policy to your specific needs. And in the event of a claim, our team will provide hands-on support to expedite the process and minimize the impact on your day-to-day activities.

So contact us at APCO Insurance today or request a quote to discuss your workers compensation insurance options. We will help you find coverage that is good for both your employees and your bottom line. We look forward to helping you.