The best way to create your dream landscape on your property, with plants that are always at their most beautiful, with rock gardens, ponds and other components placed perfectly and maintained meticulously is by hiring a professional to do it for you. Landscapers have extensive knowledge and experience in caring for plants and in creating landscape designs – knowledge and experience of special importance in Colorado, whether the weather can be hard on vegetation and the soil is not suitable for just any plant.

If you have made up your mind to hire a landscaper for your Colorado property, here are some important things to know before you start discussing the details:

  • You need to know what you want – try to figure out the style of your landscape and also have a close look at your finances to determine the exact budget that you can afford to spend on your landscape;
  • Start looking for a landscaper as early as possible – the spring and the summer are the peak periods for landscapers, so you should start looking for a contractor before that period;
  • Make sure the landscaper you hire has a current landscaping liability insurance Colorado policy to offer financial protection for damages that may occur during the landscaping project.
  • Check the landscaper’s portfolio of previous projects – the types of projects handled by the contractor in the past will reveal a lot about the landscaper’s style, allowing you to decide whether that style meets your expectations.

ensure that your landscaper has landscaping liability insurance Colorado coverages