When you’re an electrician or you own a company that installs and repairs electrical equipment and wiring, you will have to be careful about insurance issues. Following are a few of the main types of electrical contractors insurance Colorado policies you’ll have to consider:

  • Professional liability insurance is one of the main types of insurance that you are required to pay for, if you’re an electrician or you are hiring electricians to do the work for your company. Professional liability insurance will protect you against a lawsuit and cover the damages, if one of the homes that you wired were to be hit by a fire.
  • Commercial property insurance is designed to help cover the costs of any damaged tools and equipment. Whether you were a victim of theft, vandalism or a fire, your property and tools will be covered by this type of insurance.
  • General liability insurance is extremely important, and you should always get it, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned electrician. This insurance cover will protect your assets and interest, for instance, if a customer were to visit your headquarters and be injured there, or if you are accused of something like copyright infringement.
  • Finally, worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory for all employers to pay. You will also be required to provide your employees with worker’s comp.

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