workers compensation insurance Colorado

Worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory for most businesses in most states. They are purchased by employers to provide coverage for medical expenses and various benefits in the case of accidents and injuries suffered by employees during work. Here are some types of injuries and illnesses that are covered for by these workers compensation insurance Colorado policies:

  • Work accidents – these policies cover for the injuries sustained by employees because of work accidents;
  • The injuries caused by repetitive motion and overuse – performing the same physical tasks over and over again can result in severe health problems, such as back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. This coverage protects the employer in case the employee has developed health problems caused by a work activity performed repeatedly;
  • Occupational illnesses – diseases caused by exposure to certain substances, heart problems and eye problems are just some of the conditions covered for by workers comp under this clause;
  • Stress-related illnesses – in the past, stress was not recognized as a health risk, but today, more and more workers compensation insurance Colorado insurers include the health problems caused by the prolonged exposure to stress into their policies. However, it is usually very difficult to prove that the illness developed by the employee is related exclusively to work-related stress.