APCO general liability insurance for small business Colorado policy

Entrepreneurs expose themselves to many risks from the day they set up their business, therefore having the right type of insurance coverage is essential even before they have employees. Here are some insurance types that are either required by the law or recommended:

  • Professional liability insurance – also known as errors and omissions, this type of insurance provides coverage against negligence claims, when the business makes a mistake or fails to fulfill its contractual duties;
  • General liability insurance for small business Colorado policies offer protection against physical injury to people or damage to property arising from daily operations.
  • Property insurance – these policies are a must for owned and leased properties alike. The insurance also covers the assets inside the property, including any inventory or furniture, and protect in case of fires, storms or theft. Earthquakes and floods are usually not included, but coverage for those issues is available in the form of separate policies;
  • Worker’s compensation insurance – the policy covers medical expenses, disability benefits and other, similar expenses in case an employee suffers any injury at work;
  • Product liability insurance – this type of insurance is a must for any business that manufactures goods;
  • Vehicle insurance – the businesses that use vehicles for carrying out their activities need a commercial vehicle insurance, too. The range of vehicles that can be covered by such policies is very large, standard cars used for business purposes can also be included.