Would professional liability insurance be necessary if you’re a plumber? While general liability is necessary in this case, and many experts will advise you to get it, others are on the fence as to whether or not professional liability insurance might also be required.

In most cases, general liability plumbing insurance Colorado policies will help if a pipe you replaced sprung a new leak or if you damaged some of the client’s valuable home items while breaking their wall to get to the pipes and fix them. General liability works well in such cases, and could help you avoid a great number of expenses that would otherwise lead you to losing your business or at least wasting a lot of money in the form of compensation.

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On the other hand, professional liability can also be of use, but only in specific instances. Imagine that the owner of the home where you went to work suddenly calls you and announces you that they’ll sue you because of a pipe you replaced that sprung a leak and damaged their expensive carpet. In such cases, professional liability insurance may be required in order to help you pay off the amount or cover the costs of a possible lawsuit.