A workers compensation construction insurance Colorado policy is something that every contractor and employer dealing with employees who subject themselves to various stressors and hazards while working need to have. As an employer, you would have to ensure that all of your employees have workers compensation and that, in the event of an accident, the employees’ medical bills and payments can be covered while they are recovering.

APCO provides construction insurance in Colorado

As the name would suggest, workers compensation insurance, also known as workers’ comp, is a type of insurance premium that provides compensation in the event that an accident happens that renders the employee unable to continue their work. If the accident is proven to have happened during work hours, and is considered to be a result of the employer’s negligence, any and all employees that are injured as a result of the accident will relinquish their right to sue the employer, in exchange for proper  compensation such as wage replacement and medical benefits, which will be provided through the workers’ comp policy.

The result is that, even if your negligence leads to the employee’s serious injury, you and your company will not have to provide the necessary payments for compensation. Instead, the insurance will cover it, and your employee will safely be able to recover over a period of time.