A certificate of insurance is a document issued by your insurance agent or broker to verify the existence of the insurance policy and to provide a summary of the terms and conditions included in the policy. The details summarized in the certificate include the details of the policy holder, such as the person’s or company’s name, the date from which the policy is effective, the policy limits and the type of coverage.make sure hired roofer has roofing contractors insurance

A certificate of insurance is required in most business situations, especially in contexts in which insurance protection is required in the case of property damage. One of the most common situations in which certificates of insurance are important is when small businesses participate in tenders – businesses that cannot produce such certificates stand a much smaller chance to win substantial contracts because they cannot provide insurance coverage for the specific situations and risks involved in the project. In most cases, the potential client of the small business will request the certificate directly from the insurer of the small business (Make sure your roofer has roofing contractors insurance Colorado coverages!) and it will be the client who assumes the responsibility of confirming that the name on the certificate is a match for the business the client is about to contract.