A general liability insurance policy is among the most important types of policy that you need for your business – here are the types of general liability insurance Colorado coverages that you may get with the policy:

  • Bodily injuries suffered by a third party – anyone who gets injured on your premises, such an employee of a delivery company who comes to bring you a package and suffers an injury on your wet floor, might file an insurance claim against your business. Your general liability insurance can help you cover the costs related to the injury if the claim is founded;

general liability insurance Colorado coverage

  • Property damage suffered by a third party – if you or one of your employees causes any damage in property owned by a third party, your general liability insurance will help you cover the related costs;
  • Harm to the reputation of a third party – other businesses, such as your competitors, might make the claim that something you have said, such as an innocent remark in an interview, has harmed their reputation. Your general liability insurance will help you settle thee costs as well, either partially or completely;
  • Claims related to advertising materials – your general liability insurance will provide you coverage in case another company claims that your advertising practices have harmed them, for example in the case of claims that your ads designs look very similar to theirs.