Whether you are at the beginning of the road or you already have experience in business administration, you deal with possibilities, optimism, courage, but also with the fact that the main challenge of management is the risk.

general liability insurance for small business Colorado

The protection of assets and employees of any small business complements a good strategy and visionary thinking, in order to lead the business to the desired success. Therefore, there are mandatory and optional insurance types, customized for different industries, offering a wide range of coverage that can be structured according to the complexity of the business and the desired level of coverage.

What is covered by general liability insurance for small business Colorado policies:

  • Buildings and / or their content – locations where a professional activity takes place, fixed assets, stocks
  • Machines, equipment and / or installations – air conditioning units, thermal power plants, refrigeration equipment / installations, refrigerators etc.
  • Operating profit losses, resulting from business interruption
  • Civil liability to third parties – damages caused to third parties that make you liable, according to the law
  • Work accidents – resulting in workers` injury, death or disability etc.

Advantages and benefits:

  • You can get a comprehensive insurance easily and quickly
  • You can benefit from a wide range of insurance components to choose from, according to the complexity of your business