An insurance underwriter is also known by other names, such as account underwriter, commercial underwriter, insurance analyst, insurance reviewer, risk analyst and more.

This professional has the role to examine and evaluate insurance requests, to assess the risks if an insurance agreement is issues and, ultimately, to decide whether a policy should or should not be issued, after calculating the amount of coverage provided by the policy and also the premium depending on their evaluation.

APCO underwiters access insurance risk

Insurance underwriters work closely to brokers, insurance agents and actuaries. They also evaluate existing customers and decide whether their contract should be terminated or renewed.

Their main responsibilities of an APCO underwriter include:

  • Studying insurance applications
  • Identifying the risks of a contract
  • Evaluating policy applicants (by gathering background check, medical records etc.).
  • Evaluating the financial records of companies
  • Keeping records of clients
  • Determining costs by analyzing risk reports and medical evaluations
  • Calculating premiums
  • Working with Actuaries, Agents and Brokers to calculate potential risks and to create policy terms
  • Deciding the extent of coverage of an insurance policy, after negotiating with clients and brokers and explaining the risks
  • Rejecting policy applications when risks are too high, as well as rejecting or granting renewals, also based on risk reports
  • Ensuring that the paperwork adheres to regulations