Professional liability insurance Colorado agents work for insurance companies either as employees of the insurance company or as independent entities. The bulk of their work consists of contacting existing or potential clients to sell those people insurance products. The agent initiates contact via the phone first, after which, if the potential client is interested in what the policy offered is about, a personal meeting is scheduled, during which the agent presents the products and provides additional information to the potential client. If the client agrees to purchase the policy, the agent handles the required paperwork and presents the necessary documents to the client for signing.Professional liability insurance Colorado agents

Insurance agents also have existent policies that they manage. They keep track of insurance premium payment deadlines and informs clients about approaching due dates for payments and they also make amendments to those policies based on requests by the clients, trying to help clients address the changes in their life. Insurance agents being the point of contact between the insurance provider and the client, the agent is usually the first person that the client contacts in the case of events covered by the insurance, such as after property damage. In these situations, the agent provides assistance regarding the claims process as well as with the paperwork necessary for submitting the claims file.