Besides being mandatory for businesses in many states, general liability policies are also very useful and provide coverage for a wide range of issues that any business can encounter. Here are some of the most important things that your general liability does and does not cover you for:

what is covered by general liability insurance Colorado policy

  • Issues that your general liability covers you for – your general liability insurance Colorado policy will provide you coverage on the event of bodily injuries, such as issues sustained by your client while you have been working on their property. The policy also provides coverage for damage in your client’s property that results from your work, such as accidental damage caused to your client’s expensive furniture while your team is performing house cleaning as well as coverage for any reputational damage caused by your actions;
  • Issues that your general liability insurance does not cover for – general liability policies do not provide coverage for the injuries or work-related illnesses suffered by your employees, for the damage sustained by the vehicles that you use in your business, for any errors, omissions or mistakes that you make while providing professional advice and for punitive damages. If you need coverage for these aspects, you will have to purchase separate policies.