contractor insurance Colorado

The activities of plumbing businesses involve risks that make it very important for these contractors to have adequate insurance coverage. The policies needed to operate a plumbing business safely and legally include mandatory policies, such as a general liability insurance and workers compensation, while other types of optional policies are recommended, but not less important. Whatever policy you need for your plumbing business, the process of getting it starts with assembling the business documentation needed for purchasing your insurance – here are some of the most important documents to include:

  • Information about location – any legal business needs to be registered at a physical address and you will need to prove that you use your registered headquarters legally;
  • Assets – if you need auto insurance or insurance for your tools and equipment, you will need a list with the vehicles and the machines you want to include in the policy;
  • Information about the persons who drive your commercial vehicles and use your equipment – they need go have the right credentials, such as licenses and certificates;
  • Other professional certificates – if you want to purchase business liability contractor insurance Colorado coverage, you will need to prove that the members of your team are properly trained and qualified to do their work safely and correctly to minimize any work-related risks.