bar and tavern insurance Colorado policy

If you are running a bar or a tavern where you serve beverages, including alcoholic drinks as well as food to your customers, you need special insurance coverage – here are some of the bar and tavern insurance Colorado policy types that you should carry:

  • Property insurance – bars and taverns are more at risk of property damage than other types of businesses, so the property insurance is one of the most important insurance types that you need;
  • General liability insurance – this type of policy provides you coverage against claims made by third parties for any physical injury or property loss that occurs while they are among your premises;
  • Liquor liability coverage – this type of policy insures your business against claims that arise from the activity of selling alcoholic beverages. The premium for this type of policy is usually determined based on the percentage of your alcohol sales relative to your total sales;
  • Assault and battery insurance – unruly behaviour is quite frequent in units that sell alcohol, so you need coverage for any event that involves assaults or battery among your premises;
  • Insuring your vehicles and employer’s liability – you also need coverage for any harm sustained by your employees and the vehicles that you use for transporting goods for your company also need insurance.