commercial general liability insurance Colorado

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance that protects businesses, business owners and their employees and that can be used as protection for the business entity’s reputation and financial situation. The category of commercial insurance includes many different types of policies – here are some of the reasons why a business needs some type of commercial insurance:

  • Commercial auto and equipment insurance – these policies are useful for businesses that rely on vehicles, tools and machines and need insurance coverage for the various types of damage that could affect these assets;
  • Workers compensation – mandatory in many states, this type of insurance protects businesses in the case of work-related injuries and accidents suffered by employees as well as in the case of lawsuits related to such incidents;
  • Commercial general liability  – Basically, this essential commercial general liability insurance Colorado policy covers bodily damage, property damage, and potential reputational damage that were caused by your business.
  • Cyber liability insurance – this type of commercial insurance is becoming increasingly popular as businesses need increased protection in the event of data breaches and other cyber security threats.

Many insurance companies offer insurance bundles that include multiple policies and allow the businesses that choose the option to save considerably on insurance premiums. You can turn to your insurance agent or insurance broker to find out more about the policies that you need and the bundle solutions available.