bar insurance Colorado coverages

Any business that serves alcohol to their customers needs the best bar insurance Colorado protection available – whether your business is a pub, a bar or a nightclub, you need to be insured for property damage, personal injuries and other types of events, typical for the line of business. Here are some of the recommended insurance types:

  • Employer’s liability – this type of insurance covers for claims arising from any accident or injury sustained by your employees. It is mandatory for any business that has employees and essential for any business that serves alcohol to a lot of customers;
  • Public liability – this type of policy provides coverage for claims arising from injuries sustained by members of the public, such as your customers;
  • Product liability – this policy covers in the case that any product that your business manufactures or serves causes any damage or injury;
  • Money cover – this type of insurance provides coverage in case money gets stolen from your premises;
  • Auto insurance – if you use your own vehicles for transporting supplies from your vendor to your premises, your vehicles need to be insured with a comprehensive auto insurance;
  • Loss of license – you cannot operate without a license and loss of license can occur for lots of different causes, many of them beyond your control. The loss of license insurance covers you for causes that are no fault of yours.