Opening an auto repair shop can be a very profitable activity, but it is not easy work. There are many things to think about before opening such a business.

Regarding any other type of activity, the first step is the elaboration of a business plan. Whether you choose to make it yourself or call on the services of an expert, the business plan is meant to help you understand, in practical terms, the extent of the investments involved in the business, as well as the time when it will be possible to recover the investment and to register profit. Consider the cost of a lease, equipment, additional education and licensing, and the best general liability insurance for small business Colorado policy that you can afford.If you own a Colorado auto repair shop, ensure you have a general liability insurance for small business Colorado policy.

Before opening a car workshop, the basic premise is to have the specific knowledge and experience. You cannot become licensed and guarantee for the quality of the services you provide if you do not have technical education and practical training in the field.

Next, you will need to find the right location. Your car repair shop must have sufficient space for the examination and repair ramps, for parking the cars and customers’ equipment until the completion of the works, offices for customer management, accounting and records, bathrooms and changing rooms for staff.

Bureaucratic requirements and procedures, building a team of specialists, as well as marketing and promotion strategies are other factors that need to be considered.