There are countless situations in which bar owners or managers get insurance for 2-3 years, after which, since they had no incident, they stop paying for an annual insurance plan. This is definitely a mistake, because there are lots of unexpected things that may happen in a bar.

Most of the damage is from fires from electrical short circuits, but also from floods and other situations that you would not have thought of, such as fights between customers, in which many goods can be destroyed. A client can sue you also because you got wet floor in the bathroom, or slippery stairs at the entrance that made them fall and get injured, so must not take your chance.

bar and tavern insurance Colorado

First, you need a risk analysis. Many professional bar and tavern insurance Colorado brokers offer it for free, and they will also make you offers on insurance packages. You are not obliged to buy from them, but you can compare several offers and choose what you think can keep you safe from unnecessary headaches and irrecoverable damage that may occur.

Secondly, you must know the most important types of insurance for bar owners. These are Public liability with food poisoning (critical), Property all risks (critical), Work injury compensation (critical) and Business interruption (good to have).

Last but not least, you need to make sure that you purchase your insurance from a reputable insurance company, to be sure that you will get the coverage when you need it.