food service insurance Colorado policy

Food trucks are everywhere these days and the market is far from being saturated, so if you are planning to start a food truck business, here are the recommended food service insurance Colorado policies that you should get for your business:

  • Vehicle insurance – you will need insurance for the vehicle from which you will be operating your business from. The best choice is a comprehensive commercial auto insurance that will provide liability coverage for while your vehicle is on the road as well as for any type of collision. If you will use a food trailer (a trailer towed by a vehicle), you will need an additional endorsement on your commercial policy;
  • Business insurance – you will also need separate insurance coverage for your business. The range of the recommended insurance policies include a commercial property insurance to protect the contents of your truck, such as the appliances, the computer system and the food; a general commercial liability insurance for situations such as a customer becoming ill after having consumed food that you prepared. If you have employees, you will also need a workers compensation insurance to cover for lost wages and medical bills in case your employees get injured at work.