Hiring a roofing company for your upcoming reroofing, roof installation or roof repair project is a complex task that involves lots of clarifications and decisions. contractor insurance Colorado policies

Here are some important questions to ask the roofing companies that you are interviewing before picking one:

  • Insurances and licenses – you need a company that operates legally, so ask to be shown a copy of the company’s relevant documents, including a full coverage contractor insurance Colorado policy;
  • The size and the composition of the roofing team – knowing exactly who will work on your roof is essential as well;
  • Material options and technical solutions – you will need to discuss and ask every question you can think of about the materials that work best for the type of roof that you have and for the climate region where your building is located. Knowing about the different technologies suitable for your project is also important, so discuss that topic, too;
  • Deadlines – knowing how your roofer will handle the delays caused by the weather or by material delivery issues;
  • Warranties – the quality of the workmanship is also an essential topic, so before hiring the roofer, find out about the types of warranty that the contractor offers on the installation of the materials and other processes pertaining to repair and installation.