roofing contractors insurance Colorado policy

If you are the owner of a roofing company, you will certainly find extremely useful having a roofing contractors insurance Colorado policy that covers liability in connection with the roofing projects that you execute, as well as work accidents. Liability insurance and worker`s comp are mandatory, but in addition you can choose other optional insurance types.

You can get insurance regardless the type of roofs you are dealing with on a regular basis- residential, commercial or industrial.

Compensation that can be granted in case of an insured event:

  • Contractual liability and direct financial losses – covers you for any real or alleged professional error, misrepresentation, omission, breach of obligation etc., committed in the performance or non-performance of professional services
  • Reputation expenses – covers you for spending money to counteract the negative effects as a result of a professional error
  • Fines and penalties received from the authorities
  • Subcontractors – covers you for any damages caused by subcontractors with whom you have signed contracts
  • Damages caused to third parties (bodily injuries and/ or material damages), in direct connection with the construction and installation works carried on site or in its immediate vicinity
  • Expenses for cleaning the site or removing debris as a result of damage
  • Expenses for limiting or reducing damages