Even a small landscaping business needs insurance, and with all the commercial insurance options that there are out there, you might find it hard to figure out exactly which type of insurance policy you need.

The key to finding the right insurance for your landscaping business is to track down the most important necessities for business insurance and then add any additional coverage you might need. Workers comp is necessary if you have employees, and you’ll also need general liability insurance in case you or your landscaping workers do any damage on the client’s property that would then have to be paid for.

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Talking to APCO Insurance, https://www.goapco.com/, we learn that typical coverage for landscaping should include anything required to protect you from a lawsuit if there’s an accident and one of your workers damages any elements of the client’s property, such as the home exterior, garden decorations or vehicles. Additionally, your insurance should also cover you when someone gets hurt and your business is hit by a lawsuit and the need to pay a lot of money in medical bills.

With the right insurance, you’ll be able to avoid costs that you’d otherwise be legally forced to pay, and you can also avoid the hassle and stress of having to go to court and deal with some of the more problematic legal consequences that could come up.