Not all roofing contractor insurance policies are made the same. While some focus primarily on covering any unexpected damages caused by your technicians as they work on a client’s home, others are more focused on bodily injury and the measures that need to be taken in the event of an accident.

Saving money is a big part of the issue here, as paying for coverage you don’t need can set you back a great deal, leading to lower profits. When it comes to your contractor insurance, you have to first keep track of exactly what you need and why, and that will depend on the specific risks that are involved with the type of work you’re doing.

APCO provides Colorado roofing contractors insurance

Different approaches and methods will entail different risks. The use of certain materials can involve health hazards, and working on larger sloped roofs will entail greater risks than working on flat roofs at lower heights. As a result, you’ll have to keep that in mind when choosing a cheaper or more expensive roofing contractor insurance policy.

So, when contacting your insurance company and comparing roofing contractors insurance Colorado premiums, make sure you always look for a tailored plan that will suit you when it comes to the specific activities your business is involved with. Always ask for a second (or third, or even fourth) opinion on how much you should be paying for certain types of overage, as opposed to others.