Family restaurants have been hit hard during COVID-19, many being forced to close down and their business suffering further from the fierce competition between delivery services trying to stay afloat by maintaining some form of customer loyalty. Sadly, it’s no easy feat to thrive during a pandemic, and even if you get creative, business can suffer and you might be forced to reduce your expenditures.

One of the things that you can’t really ignore, however, is the need for insurance. Even a business that’s temporarily shut down needs good insurance cover. If you plan to start off again in full force once the restrictions are lifted, you have to make sure your property and your workers will still be there.

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Whether or not your restaurant still operates to some extent, you’ll need property insurance and general liability. These two typically go hand in hand when you ask insurers for the best offers for small or large restaurants. You should contact expert restaurant insurance Colorado brokers to find out what coverages are needed for your specific business.

Now, with additional insurance coverage, you could be more selective. For instance, you won’t need to protect employees against accidents and discrimination on your actual property, if the restaurant is completely closed, but you might still need some of that cover if you’re still running a delivery service.

Liquor liability is also a must, to make sure you won’t be held liable if someone damages your property while intoxicated, as well as due to legal requirements for restaurants that so much as hold alcoholic beverages. Even commercial umbrella policies might be needed to complement the coverage options that aren’t included as part of your general liability policy.