For food businesses, insurance can be extremely essential. If you own a restaurant or a pizza place, business might be slow or down entirely during events like COVID-19, but many of the restrictions are temporary. As a result, you have to think about your properties, the food items and equipment you have that you’re keeping in storage and the workers compensation insurance that you need for any employees that are still on the job – for example to make deliveries and prepare food for delivery.

Even when business is entirely down, as long as you still own your commercial kitchens, the property where your restaurant is located, the storage rooms and refrigeration rooms you still own, and any piece of equipment that could be stolen or damaged while your business is closed, insurance is still very essential.

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The best course of action during these times is to contact your insurance company and consider any necessary changes you might require to your food service insurance Colorado policy and premium. While protecting your property against damage coming from accidents might not be so important, other matters, such as theft and security issues are a lot more relevant these days than they were when your business was functioning. Consider facts such as these, and weigh your options carefully to make the best decision about keeping or changing your insurance cover.