general liability insurance Colorado

While carrying out your professional activity, even if you have a small business, you can cause financial damage to third parties, which may be caused by errors, omissions or negligence. Small business general liability insurance Colorado agents can offer you plans that will help you correct your mistakes and ensure business continuity.

There are several general types of professional liability insurance:

  • Professional civil liability of architects and engineers in the field of construction
  • Professional civil liability regarding the activity of accounting, financial audit and consulting in the fiscal field
  • Professional civil liability for legal activities
  • Professional civil liability regarding the activities of insurance agents and brokers
  • Professional civil liability regarding the activities of insolvency practitioners
  • Professional civil liability regarding the activities of evaluators and technical experts
  • Professional civil liability for service activities and consulting in information and communications technology
  • Professional civil liability for medical practice

Why choose professional liability insurance?

  • You get financial protection for damages caused unintentionally by violating the obligations specific to your profession
  • You get protection regarding the fulfillment of some potential legal requirements specific to your profession, so that you can acquire the quality of member of the professional organization
  • You get increased credibility in the relationship with the beneficiaries of your services.

Failure to fulfill professional obligations as a result of errors, omissions or negligence may result in injury and different types of damage. To protect yourself in such unpleasant situations, it is necessary to be insured. Professional liability insurance protects you and your business budget.