The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our life and has certainly complicated business activities from many points of view, including the aspect of insurance coverage. In this period marked by uncertainty and unpredictability, bar owners are faced with difficulties that are especially difficult to overcome, from the loss of business because of lock down regulations to getting fewer customers even in areas where bars can stay open if they respect certain conditions.

The COVID situation has affected the ways in which bar owners can receive proper insurance coverage for their facilities. The risks that bar owners need coverage for include the risks associated with decreased incomes or even complete business interruptions as well as the risks associated with anyone involved in the activities of the business, including the business owner, the employees and the customers becoming infected with the virus.APCO Insurance

Insurance companies, official bodies and other categories of decision makers are working hard to develop strategies to cope with the complexity of the situation. Bar insurance policies are hard to get and even the insurers that do provide some sort of coverage have increased their premiums, even for policy owners who had to close down their business and even on policies that cover for issues that occur only when the business is open, such as slip and falls. The BEST thing to do is call reputable insurance carriers,, to research the coverage options available for you to most effectively cover your business.