Plumbing contractors need multiple insurance policies to be able to operate legally and to have suitable protection for their business, for their employees and for their assets.

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While the plumbing services provided in winter do pose specific challenges – working among cold conditions requires different approaches and often different tools as well – the types of plumbing insurance Colorado coverage needed for these activities is not different from the policies required for the activities performed during the rest of the year. The most important policies include a public liability insurance to provide coverage for any property damage or injury resulting for your activity, coverage for your tools and other equipment that you use during your work, workers compensation insurance and coverage for personal illnesses and accidents.

Each of these policies provides coverage for a specific range of risks and before you start including winter work into your service range, you need to determine the specific risks associated with your new services. In the next phase, you will need to check whether your existing policies offer suitable coverage. If they do not or if you feel confused by the complicated language used in the text of your policies, you can turn to your insurance agent for help and advice.