Winter is a challenging season for most landscapers, especially for the contractors that do not provide services specific for the colder months, such as snow removal.The challenges related to winter arise not only from fewer opportunities to work – the contractors who wish to add winter activities to their existing service range will also be faced with administrative tasks, such as checking their insurance coverage and arranging for getting coverage for their new services as well.

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The landscapers who have been providing only services specific for the period from spring to fall will first of all need to determine the types of activities that they want to take up, then they need to check whether their existing landscaping contractor insurance Colorado policy provides coverage for the risks associated with the new service range. The specific risks include the ones associated with working on slippery services, with installing electrical appliances at heights, such as illuminated Christmas decorations on roofs, on exterior walls and on trees located outdoors.

The insurance policies necessary are quite complex as they will need to provide coverage for accidents and injuries as well as for any damage sustained by the client’s property and by the contractor’s own machines and vehicles, so the best source of help is the representative of the contractor’s own insurer.