landscaping liability insurance Colorado

People who do not work in the landscaping business may think this is an idyllic job, associating it with green grass and bird song. However, the reality can be very different, as being a landscaper often brings relentless challenges. It is a very competitive field of activity, especially during the winter, when the freezing weather and the snow prevent them from doing their regular activities. In this context, many landscapers turn to other activities to survive the season. Here are some of them:

  • Lawn preparation for winter

Many landscapers also deal with lawn preparation for the cold season, which includes various operations they are familiar with: trimming vegetation in the yard, removing leaves and dead plants, de-thatching, aerating and fertilizing the lawn, planting bulbs that will sprout when the winter will be over, protecting young trees by wrapping them in burlap, draining sprinklers etc.

  • Holiday lighting

Many landscapers turn to holiday light installation and removal in the winter, because it is a profitable job. Some of them also provide customers storage solutions for their lights and decorations, until next year.

  • Gutter cleaning services

This is another popular job during the cold season, due to snow and ice accumulations that must be removed from the gutters, to avoid roof damage, water infiltration and other issues.

For all their activity, landscapers need insurance. The good thing is that their insurance can work for these complementary activities too.  If you are a landscaper, talk to a knowledgeable landscaping liability insurance Colorado agent to make sure you are covered for all the activities you perform.