Yes, you do, if your restaurant and bar are separate facilities; otherwise, insurance for facilities that serve either food, alcohol, or both is the same, whether they are called bars, restaurants, diners, cafeterias etc.

restaurant and bar insurance Colorado

Whether you are the owner of a restaurant or a bar, your activity differs from that of other entrepreneurs. That’s why you need specific restaurant and bar insurance Colorado coverage to meet your needs, starting from the insured goods to your employees.

Insurance providers offer different options you can choose from:

  • Insurance for your building and goods, for the main risks: fire, explosion, earthquake, flood, landslides, storm, torrential rain, tap water, theft and others, but also the expenses generated by such events.
  • Insurance for stocks in transit, from suppliers to customers
  • Insurance for financial losses due to activity interruption: if you have to interrupt your activity to repair damages caused by unforeseen events, you may be compensated for the loss of profit registered during the insured period and caused by the reduction of turnover due to the interruption of the activity or operating costs through the occurrence of additional costs.
  • Civil liability specific to your field of activity as well as worker`s compensation.