Insurance coverage is basically the amount of liability or risk that an individual or an entity is covered for by the insurance provider. Here are some of the most common types of coverage:

  • Life insurance – the subject matter of these insurance policies is human life itself, the insurer will pay to the beneficiary the amount that the policy holder is insured for on the event of the insured person’s death;
  • Personal insurance – this type will provide coverage in the case of disease or accident;
  • Property insurance – this type of policies insures specific types of properties on the event of specific events, such as damage caused by natural disasters or vandalism. The type of insurance can be applied to real estate, vehicles and many other types of personal or commercial property;
  • Liability insurance – this type of insurance provides coverage for the property damage, personal injury or death caused by the insured person;
  • Malpraxis insurance – this policy insures professionals on the event that they make a professional mistake.

general liability insurance Colorado

Separate insurance policies are available in themselves or they can be included in a general liability insurance Colorado policy that comprises multiple forms of coverage and special, personalized, unique policies also exist.