ways to save money with APCO insurance

You probably used your car less during the last weeks, considering the isolation measures to promote public safety and the temporary closing up of many businesses. This period will likely be prolonged in the coming weeks, so it could be useful to know that there are ways to save on your auto insurance policy during the pandemic.

Opt for UBI (usage-based insurance) options

Signing up for this type of insurance can save you some money each month, while you are off work. Talk to an insurance broker to found out more about taking advantage of this type of insurance.

If you are a two-vehicle owner, take one of them off the road

While you are not driving one of your vehicles, suspend your coverage on it, but be aware that, if your policy includes rental car insurance, this will be suspended as well.

 Consider increasing your deductible

If you drive less, the chances to be involved in an accident are lower, so you can consider raising your deductible. This way, you will pay a lower monthly premium.

Lower the amount of listed annual miles on your insurance policy

This is possible if you talk to your broker and change your vehicle classification. For example, considering that you are probably driving less these days because of the COVID-19 restrictions, you could change the classification from “commuting” to “pleasure”.

For other coverage cost saving tips, review https://www.goapco.com/ opportunities.