The colder months are off-season periods for the landscapers who do not provide additional services, such as snow removal or dead plant removal, but the period from the end of fall to the beginning of spring can just as well be a time when business goes as usual.general liability insurance Colorado

Whatever your range of service, turning off your insurance for the period is not a good idea. First of all, having continuous general liability insurance Colorado  coverage makes it possible for you to extend your range of service anytime, without having the shop for a suitable insurance policy before you or your employees climb to a snow-covered roof to clean it. Another reason why you should not interrupt your insurance coverage is that turning your insurance on and off repeatedly will increase your costs by increasing your premiums and you surely don’t want that.

There is a third reason why turning off your insurance is not the best idea: even if you don’t do much work during the winter, you still have employees, commercial vehicles and landscaping machines that need continued insurance coverage even when the time of the year is not suitable for intense work and your commercial building also needs to be insured continuously.