It might have been your dream to own a cool tavern or a bar for a long time. Now that your wish has come true, however, you’ll find there are many unique and tricky situations that arise in a bar that you won’t find in most restaurants, pizza places or other food places.

Bars sell alcohol, and as a result bar owners need to protect themselves from liability. What happens after a patron has too many drinks is not your fault, but it can come back to haunt you in some situations. That is why bar owners are encouraged to get liquor liability cover aside from their general liability policy.get bar and tavern insurance from knowledgeable agents in Colorado

Knowing what your plan covers and ensuring that you have the right coverage can get you out of some really sticky situations. For instance, underage buyers often use convincing fake IDs to get into bars, and even if one of your employees serves an underage person unknowingly, your bar can still get into a lot of trouble. Make sure you contact a bar and tavern insurance Colorado agent to find out whether your coverage can protect you from this risk as well.

Accidents happen a lot in bars. Fights can break out, or a tipsy patron can fall and break their arm. Even your mechanical bull might throw someone off, and they could get hurt as a result. These are all unique risks that are prevalent in bars and associated closely to the unique items and products you have in your bar. So make sure you talk to your insurance company to cover all the potential risks