It’s not easy to get the “right” car insurance policy, especially when you have fleet vehicles, or even a few commercial vehicles here and there to help you get around and carry your equipment. If you work in a company that uses commercial vehicles on a regular basis, you might want to consider suggesting a dependable commercial insurance provider to your partner or manager.

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Now, a lot of people have hangups about commercial auto insurance, but not many of the myths and misconceptions out there are actually true. Here are some of the ones you might want to steer clear of:

  1. All employees are covered. This isn’t always true, as some insurers actually only extend their coverage to a few drivers that are named on the policy.
  2. Some people say it’s cheaper to buy all your insurance from the same company. Depending on the diversity of the services you need and of the coverage required for your vehicles, this claim might be very far from the truth.
  3. Canceling your policy in the off-season doesn’t always spay, even if you have a seasonal business. In fact, it might be a lot more expensive than to get a comprehensive-only policy.
  4. Insurance companies don’t always provide you the support you need. In fact, some of them might say they provide 24/7 support, but this definitely isn’t always so.
  5. Finally, some might say local agents aren’t all that helpful. This is usually not true; in fact, local commercial auto insurance Colorado agents are some of the best people to talk to when you want quotes from multiple providers.